Radiant Power offers a wide array of switch and panel passenger interface products designed to meet specific customer applications. Utilizing a proprietary modular design, Radiant Power can tailor switches to meet the specific cabin scheme and architecture.

gs-switch-panelRadiant Power Corp uses capacitive touch technology in our newest switch and panel passenger interface products. This technology has already been successfully implemented on multiple aircraft models in switch and panel configurations. Radiant has a proven track-record effectively fielding this technology, which requires careful layout of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and careful selection of the dielectric material for the overlay and membrane sub-surface. The current design utilizes three (3) “touch areas” per switch, with two (2) LED’s dedicated to each touch position for backlighting.

Radiant Power also offers wireless communications to switch controls through the use of the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless interface. This network protocol is also referred to as a “Zigbee” network. Radiant has successfully implemented this network with Cabin Management System on multiple platforms. The use of this network protocol simplifies the installation requirements of the Cabin Switches on the aircraft as it avoids the need for running network cables to each device.