power-distribution-control-sub1Radiant Power Corp's Power Distribution and Control System (PD&C) provides advantages in managing DC power and monitoring aircraft functions. It does so with extreme reliability and safety. The system is comprehensive, flexible, and easily expandable. This system provides the operator complete visibility and control of the aircraft’s electrical system from any control screen, but also provides remote monitoring of alarm functions, battery, engine and generator data. The system may be easily expanded with additional features and software upgrades.

There is no more lack of awareness with secondary system circuit breaker trips. Audible alarms may be assigned to circuit breakers as desired. Load shedding and automatic placement back online can be programmed into the system for DC, should current usage reach higher than desired levels. The ability to reset a tripped DC circuit breaker is immediate. The possibilities and benefits in power management and monitoring are virtually endless.

power-distribution-controlThe systems allows unique flexibility of being able to locate circuit breaker panels remotely without normal access and environmental considerations, thereby saving space and enabling the use of the most direct and efficient wiring schemes. The results are lower wire harnessing costs, lower labor installation costs, and significant weight savings.

The Radiant Power Corp’s power management system provides protection from obsolescence as the capabilities of the system may be subsequently enhanced with future software updates and installation of new components as they become available.


Radiant Power Corp’s PD&C System remotely monitors and controls all DC power distribution and circuit protection functions. The system provides:

  • Immediate remote visual and audible identification of DC circuit breaker tripping
  • Remote activation of DC circuit breakers
  • Remote switching of all DC connected components
  • Accurate monitoring of current flow to every DC load
  • Programmable dimming functions for DC lighting
  • Immediate recognition of no-load situations for activated DC loads
  • Programmable automatic load shedding and re-activation at selectable current levels
  • Programmable automatic low-voltage brownout protection for operator selected loads
  • Monitoring of generator and engine operating parameters
  • Monitoring of Battery voltages, current usage, temperatures, and state-of-charge