switch-panelsRadiant Power Corp offers a variety of switch panels designed for aviation applications including overhead panels, environmental control panels, and bolster panels. Dimmable backlighting is available in both LED and Electro-luminescent (EL) types. Installation is simplified through the use of plug-in connectors on the back of each switch panel. These panels are designed for either direct interface with loads up to 25 Amps, or to provide a ground signal to the Radiant Power Remote Solid State Switches, for corresponding load activation. The environmental switch panels provide pilots ability to set the desired cabin temperature, by interfacing with aircraft heat and air conditioning controller.

The Radiant Power Switch Panels configured to interface with Radiant Power's Remote Solid State Switches and Remote Dimmer Modules. Upon activating each switch on this panel, a ground signal is provided to activate the corresponding Remote Solid State Switch, which is ideally located near the load. This switch panel, in conjunction with Solid State Modules, simplifies and minimizes the aircraft wiring requirements while adding the ability to control remotely located high current device.

General Features:

  • Interface with Remote Solid State Switches, loads up to 30 AMPS
  • EL and LED (dimmable) Panel lighting
  • Momentary switches for interface with remote dimming modules
  • Interface with remotely located solid state switches
  • Rugged mechanical design
  • Self-Test functionality (if specified)